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Jermaine Defoe (english) bit Javier Mascherano (argentine). Where was FIFA when this happened? Where were all the people claiming now for Suarez head? *crickets* Just so you know there was NO punishment for this. Then some people have the nerve to say Suarez being from Uruguay has nothing to do with his harsh punishment…..the hypocrisy from sore losers is astonishing. 



Here’s hoping for a happy, healthy birthday to Taylor Kitsch today-hopefully he’ll celebrate with those he loves and who love him and here’s to his continued fulfillment-both personal and professional-in whatever he endeavors at both now and in the future.

Happy Birthday, Kitsch, with many more to come!! :)

(Okay, now who’s gonna start the “…#33 is 33 today!!” jokes??*heh* C’mon, you know you want to!! :D )

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